SWFireCAP operates with self-governing roundtable teams, which are action-focused groups with the capacity to tackle one or multiple objectives and endure as long as there is energy, interest, and relevance​.

Cultural Burning

Cultural burning roundtable members are working towards expanding knowledge and the practice of cultural burning in the interior Southwest. The reincorporation of the traditional use of fire on the land can foster reconnection for Tribes to their lands and genuinely apply the “best available science” to guide management. Among other things, roundtable members have given presentations at events, convened sessions at conferences, and are working to coordinate workshops and webinars.

On-the-ground Adaptation

This roundtable is focused on developing case study examples of on-the-ground fire and climate adaptation projects that are being implemented by practitioners. These case studies describe the project goals, team members, successes and challenges, and lessons learned. To develop these case studies, the roundtable has partnered with the Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox. The group has also convened workshops (both virtual and in-person) to network with practitioners and learn what information they find to be most useful for their work.

2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum

Some roundtables are created for a specific purpose, then disband when the purpose is achieved. For example, the SWAF 2021 roundtable was created in anticipation of the all-virtual 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum. The group planned activities for Day 3, creating opportunities for attendees to actively engage with practitioners, leaders, and researchers across topics related to fire management, cultural burning, and emerging initiatives throughout the region.