Our Team

SWFireCAP Steering Committee

Sarah LeRoy

Coordinator, SWFireCAP;

Science Applications and Communications Coordinator, Southwest Climate Aadaptation Science Center​

Alicia Azpeleta Tarancón

School of Forestry Professor, Northern Arizona University

Clare Aslan

Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University

Nikki Cooley

Program Manager, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals - Tribal Climate Change Program​

Emile Elias

Director, USDA Southwest Climate Hub​

Carolyn Enquist

Federal Director​ (Acting), U.S. Geological Survey - Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Don Falk

Professor, University of Arizona

Courtney Peterson

Coordinator​, Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change; Colorado State University

Lauren Kramer   

Biological Science Technician, USDA Southwest Climate Hub

Rachel Loehman

Research Landscape Ecologist​, U.S. Geological Survey

Molly McCormick 

Program Manager, Southwest Fire Science Consortium; Northern Arizona University

Tzeidle Wasserman       

Sr. Research Coordinator, Ecological Restoration Institute; Northern Arizona University

Anita Rose

Regional Air Program Manager and Climate Change Coordinator, USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region

Andi Thode

Professor, Norther Arizona University; Southwest Fire Science Consortium

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