Cultural Burning

Cultural burning roundtable members are working towards expanding knowledge and the practice of cultural burning in the interior Southwest. The reincorporation of the traditional use of fire on the land can foster reconnection for Tribes to their lands and genuinely apply the “best available science” to guide management. Among other things, roundtable members have given presentations at events, convened sessions at conferences, and are working to coordinate workshops and webinars. 

A product of the SWFireCAP Cultural Burning Roundtable

In the Cultural Burning Annotated Bibliography, the authors provide an in-depth “review of the available literature on known Indigenous and traditional uses of fire in the Southwest,” including published, unpublished and personal communications. They highlight work supporting natural and human caused fires.

Meet the Cultural Burning Roundtable Members

Alicia Azpeleta Tarancon

Northern Arizona University

Annie Elko

Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Ariel Léger

Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategy Toolbox, University of Arizona

Althea Walker

Climate Science Alliance

Anissa McKenna

Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Barbara Satink Wolfson

University of California Cooperative Extension

Beth Rose Middleton

University of California Davis, Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Carolyn Enquist

Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Corinne Diggins

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Southwest Region

Conception Flores

USDA Forest Service Office of Sustainability & Climate

Jonathan Long

USDA Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station

Katerina Pihera-Ridge

Scion - New Zeland Crown Research Institute

Lauren Kramer

USDA Southwest Climate Hub

Mary Jane Andreas

Climate Science Alliance

Melinda Adams

University of California, Davis

Molly McCormick

Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Nick Laluk

University of California, Berkeley

Nikki Cooley

Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals

Nina Fontana

Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Rachel Loehman

U.S. Geological Survey

Sara Souther

Northern Arizona University

For more information about the SWFireCAP Cultural Burning Roundtable and to learn how to get involved, contact SWFireCAP Coordinator, Sarah LeRoy at